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Order Set & SAVE  $5!         $75

*The red and blue handles come with a 1/2” adapter.

If you would prefer a different sized adapter, there is no need to order a separate one,

Enter the adapter size in the “instructions” of the paypal order.*


‘The Vaporizer’

Battery Charger Woodburner


(includes handpiece/

spare connectors

16/18/20 swg Nichrome wire)

Woodburner Handpiece

handpiece only                 $70

handpiece pre-wired to plug into Burnmaster   $100

(both include spare connectors

and 16/18/20 swg Nichrome wire)

Nichrome Wire

1 yd 20 swg  $4

1 yd 18 swg - $4

½ yd 16 swg - $4

Pre-made Wire Brands

               Set of 12 - $60                                                                                

Pre-made Brass Tube Brands

                          Set of 14 - $84

Order all 3 - SAVE $15!      $205Large_Hollowing_Tools.html
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