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Terry Scott

"Thank you for the opportunity to turn some of your precious tree. I thought one of my winged vessels would be suitable to portray the sentiment that you have for your part of the tree's family history. Starting with the feet, these are to bring forward visions of all the games that were played around the tree. The texture is a basket weave pattern as I am sure many a picnic has been had, with basket and blanket taking in the shade. The wings are for the many birds that have no doubt lived their lives in the tree and for the many family members who have taken flight from the home over the years to many parts of he world on adventures and to better there work paths. The tea color is to represent the liquid refreshments and also to pick up the light an shade that the tree has given to both shade and protect the family from the elements. Looking into the vessel is like looking into the jaded reflection of the suns rays through the foliage as a reflected pathway has been generated in the grain. The texture on the wings are the remnants of leaf litter molding themselves back into earth. This piece seems to move when viewed from different angles as would the trees trunk in the wind." - Terry

This is my second piece made from the Jordan family tree.

My inspiration is or was as follows, starting from the bottom.

The green between the feet is what would have grown

before the tree shaded the ground.

The feet help the work stand proud as did the tree.

The leaves are starting to lose there color, as they do in the fall.

Then there are the games played under the tree, from scrabble, chess, checkers, cards,

snakes and ladders, Noughts and Crosses and many more.

I wanted the graphics to be almost childlike.

A bit different for me, but I enjoyed getting the ideas from the brain to the fingers.

If you dig down under the recently felled Maple at the Jordan's, you will find that the sea bed many millions of years ago came to their front door. As the oceans evaporated they left behind many echinoderms. How this one survived intact with all those roots reaching out for the water is any one’s guess.