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Double-Ended Shear Scraper

Instructions for Use

Use the tool with the edge at 45 degrees to the wood in a pulling motion. This will allow you to make subtle changes to the shape, and leaves a very smooth surface that requires minimal sanding.  The handle is solid aluminum with a special sure grip coating. Turners have requested this tool for years-it's finally here!

Sharpening Instructions

Set a toolrest on the grinder so that you can touch up the bevel after raising the burr three or four times.  To raise a burr; rub the flat side with a ceramic slipstone to remove  the old burr and then stroke the slipstone along and up on the bevel side to raise a small burr. You will have to lift the stone off of the bevel and onto the edge a bit more each time you do it - that is why you regrind after three or four times.   I use a fine ceramic slipstone.

Shear Scraper

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