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Photographing Your Work

This page is a series of pictures and descriptions of the process of photographing woodturnings  (and other craft objects).

This is a somewhat dated, but hopefully useful link.  Most of my photography is now done with a Sony A100 Digital SLR camera.  The set up is still basically the same.  More things may be added as I get to it. 

Please check back for future updates.


John Jordan

tungsten lamp used in shop light fixture

Nikon manual camera w/cable release and 28/100 zoom lens

studio gray with lights out

set up with studio gray background

setup with studio blue background

focusing spot w/cardboard snout

Red Maple Burl Spiral Vessel

2001    12" x 10"

digital photo

“Photographing Your Work” - Written InstructionsWritten_Instructions.htmlWritten_Instructions.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0