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Michael Foster

This was a challenging project for me. I got in late on the fun with Vicki Jordan's tree project, but after seeing all the work generated, I decided I had to contribute. I wanted to continue my theme of the math based work, but had to wait till I received the wood to decide on a project. The main piece of wood that I got was a spalted tree branch. I considered a hollow form, but leaving the pith always makes me nervous, especially with wet spalted wood. So I turned the pith out of it and left a hollow catenoid shape. This formed the basic shape of the piece.

I wanted to try to capture the spirit of Vicki's project. The base of the tree was all I could really envision given my starting shape. After it was well along, I realized that the final result could be construed as a representation of the tree as it was being taken down. Not my intent but there you go.

Growing up the tree that I remember was an elm in our back yard. My brothers and I built a crude tree house in it, and spent a lot of time up in it's branches. Human connections are what make a tree special to us. Looking at Vicki's pictures of their tree, the tire swing seemed to be one of these. The tire swing seems to be an integral part of the tree and begged to be included in the design.

Jordan Maple

5"d x 7 1/2"h

Date Taken: 11/21/10

Place Taken: Springfield, VT

This is a concept piece done from the second piece of maple I received from Vicki Jordan.   It is another minimal surface that is the least amount of surface joining 2 perpendicular rings, the outside circle and the inner ellipse.   Couldn't resist the name as the finished piece just seems to call for it (perhaps pac-man or gulp would also fit).