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Ed Kelle
Looking thru Vicki's photos of her tree, 
the most special ones were the ones with her family 
The tree has been important to a few generations 
While at the same time, it has also held birds and animals 
This piece honors the spirit of the tree as a holder 

It can spin with a breeze and even wobble, 
while still keeping its contents safe 

On it's way back home where it belongs nowhttp://www.kellewoodturning.com/
This one is 3" and quite flexy too. Coated with fine blue glitter. 
Had to do something other than the usual pure black, 
this adds nice life.

This piece is being donated to the American Association of Woodturners Educational Opportunity Grants auction.  
100% of the winning bid will be donated to the AAW fund.

“Under the Shimmering Moonlight”