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David Rush


     I wanted to share this with you. I remember talking with John some time ago when the tree was cut. I helped him take down a few more trees that needed to be removed. I got into conversation with him about a bunch of things that day, but one stuck in my head, the topic of a quality wife. He asked me if I was married and I said I had been seeing a women for some time and was pretty serious. He went on and on about how he couldn't do it without you. A girlfriend is ok but there nothing would compare to having a good wife. 

Well it sunk in and time went on. I took some of that wood and I must say it as the first time I had been asked to bring some back! Ha ha ha ha. I kept some for a few bowls and I had made a form that I later would carve through the side of, but never made something deserving to stand in the gallery of this project.

     Well some more time passed. I had every chunk of it that I saved on a shelf like it was golden or something.

     I was very nervous one day, John’s conversation playing over and over in my head, I decided to attempt another project the wood would be perfect for. I wanted two circles to represent two worlds coming together. I used the most cherished wood I had,  your maple. I had some walnut from a tree that her mom had in her front yard all her life before she died. I had saved it in chunks not knowing why at the time.

     Now I'm not sure if anyone ever proposed under you beloved tree but I'm sure the tree saw a lot of families grow, that’s for sure.

     I was nervous when I got down on one knee on Valentines Day. I took a chance and proposed with a wooden ring jammed full of more meaning and stories than could ever be in one that was bought.

     She said yes!!!!   She made me go make her a box for it.I had some maple left. It secures it when closed and displays it when open. It ended up being a maple band with walnut rings, maple setting with a maple center from a chunk I planted when I was 3 at my mom's.

     Thanks for taking the time and letting me share a story. And more so, thanks for letting me have some of the wood. 


Frannie’s Ring